Stitch-by-Stitch a Dream Comes True

What makes DITOZZI DESIGN carpets and rugs truly special is undoubtedly the long laborious process that goes into crafting them. Although Aladdin may have found his flying carpet just lying there, it takes months before our custom designs can come to life.

The process begins with you. First you attend a meeting with our designer, Diana Tozzi. After a diligent discussion concerning your tastes, needs and interior décor, the brainstorming process can finally begin.

During this process, a DITOZZI representative may come to your home to collect exact measurements of all furnishings and surrounding space. We also bring color samples so that we can ideally match the colors of your home to the tones in your future rug. Once we have pictures of your interior, our graphic designer will create 3D embeddings so that you can see exactly what you creation will look within your interior. When a color and pattern is decided upon, DITOZZI DESIGN will provide you with a sample so that you can be sure you love the way your rug feels as well as the way it looks. We aim to provide a fail-safe process that ensures our clients are active participants in all aspects of the creation process and that the final product is just as they pictured it.

Once all sketches and samples are finalized and agreed upon, they are then sent off to one of our many factories around the world where DITOZZI employees begin to work on the creations through one of our two main methods: ‘ hand-knotting’ or ‘hand-tufting.’

Hand Knotting

Of the two methods, hand knotting is the more time and labor intensive one. Weaving a hand-knotted carpet requires skill, time and patience. The method also guarantees the rug a long life and the best possible quality. The overall quality of a hand-knotted carpet is estimated by the number of visible knots per square inch of the rug surface. Simply put, the higher the density the better the carpet.

Diana Tozzi discussing the scale and potential color placement for the design

Hand knotting a carpet with four other workers


Since most DITOZZI designs are complex and highly detailed they require very dense knotting. When it comes to detailed designs it can take an experienced weaver a couple of hours per inch to complete the design. Because of this, hand knotting a carpet can take anywhere from three months to a year depending on size and detail. This method is mainly employed for the DITOZZI Couture line in order to deliver the finest possible quality.


Diana Tozzi socializing with local factory workers as they demonstrate final cutting

Close-up of final cutting

Hand Tufting

Hand Tufting is a less time-consuming method then hand knotting. However hand tufting remains a method that requires precision and steady-hand execution. Although tufting-machines exist, we prefer to use ‘hand tufting’ because it gives our rugs a dose of uniqueness that only a handmade product can deliver.

Hand tufting essentially means that a hand-operated machine, called “a gun” is used to punch strands of wool into a canvas stretched on a frame. The design, which the client has created along with our designer, will be drawn on the canvas and our workers fill in the drawing with the appropriate colors using 100% New Zealand wool. Plying the rug can take as little as four days, after which the thread at the back of the carpet is secured with latex. This is the preferred method for our Contemporary line due to the added cost and time efficiency.

Hand tufting with the use of a manual tufting 'gun'

Before purchasing a work of art it is important to know how it was made. The same goes for DITOZZI DESIGN luxury rugs. When you take away the stunning aesthetics of our creations what you have left is meticulous craftsmanship, patient precision and a laborious manufacturing process that ensures that your rug will rigorously live on as a family heirloom and a lasting work of art.

If you have any additional questions about our manufacturing please drop us a line.