Introductions are in order…

Welcome to the Ditozzi Design Style blog!

DITOZZI DESIGN creations are an exclusive and unique chance to see your own ideas brought to life in the most glorious of ways. Whether you would like to recreate a piece of art that has previously inspired you or if your idea is something you have merely seen in a distant dream, DITOZZI DESIGN can help you turn your vision into a stunning, lasting work of art.

DITOZZI DESIGN specializes in individually made luxury rugs, which are hand tailored to fit your living space and your personal taste. The design of all themes and patterns, as well as choice of colors and fibers are made especially for you.

Designer Diana Tozzi and her guests at the opening of Luxury Home Gallery.

Luxury Home Collection Gallery interior

The DITOZZI brand is comprised of two different lines.  The first, DITOZZI Couture, is a line tirelessly dedicated to quality and luxury. All DITOZZI design rugs are made from the finest New Zealand wool and the most delicate silk. Upon request, these custom made rugs can also be encrusted with Swarovski crystals or pearls for an added touch of sensual texture and visual vibrancy. The density of the fiber, low pile, and special “polishing” technique used in the manufacturing process allows us to design your rug with the most meticulous details and subtlest hues. DITOZZI Couture lives up to its motto by producing “Bespoke rugs for connoisseurs.”


Our second line, DITOZZI Collection is a fresh, contemporary approach to bold “statement-making rugs.” These Rugs are inspired by the beautiful sights of our designer’s hometown, the mesmerizing Saint Petersburg, and spiced with inspirations drawn from the city’s so called “white summer nights.”  The rugs are created following Diana Tozzi’s pencil sketches and manufactured from 100% fine wool. DITOZZI Collection delivers their promise of “contemporary rugs for the innovative mind.”

Hand made rug featuring Russian lettering giving the space a fresh breath of geometrical modernity.

Our clients have very selective tastes and understand the importance of investing in art. DITOZZI rugs are the investment of a lifetime and can be enjoyed as a valuable family heirloom for many generations to come.

In this blog, we will explore the Luxury Design niche, follow arising trends in the industry and teach you everything you need to know about the art form of luxury handmade rugs.

So stay tuned for more inspiring pictures, upcoming interior design tips and a Q&A with our designer Diana Tozzi!