Contemporary Collection

Contemporary Collection

March 20th, Manhattan NY – The most recent and exciting addition to the DITOZZI brand is a new contemporary collection nostalgically titled “From Russia with Love.” This collection was inspired by the homeland of designer Diana Tozzi, specifically by her hometown, the magnificent Saint Petersburg. This collection caters to a contemporary, innovative crowd with an appreciation for minimalism and artistic modernity. The challenge here lies in taking the majestic old-age beauty of Saint Petersburg and representing it in a fresh and spontaneous way.

Attention was paid to the geometrical shaping’s of the city itself, after which the designer recreated them with crisp, clean lines and interwoven patterns. From the aesthetic appeal of the Cyrillic alphabet to the sweet floral patterns, as seen on the Calicos or the thread graphics taken from traditional mittens, “from Russia with Love” explores many Russian cultural gems. All the while maintaining a beautifully whimsical fashion, that can be incorporated into the most modern, stylish interiors, with clarity and ease.

This new contemporary collection upholds DITOZZI’s strict standards. The rugs are hand-tufted and are made of 100% wool. For more information please visit the Luxury Home Gallery.

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