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Ditozzi Design FAQs

Where do you ship to?
We can ship our rugs anywhere around the world. You can email to us your request and one of our Sales Associates will provide you with a quote for shipping to your destination. info@ditozzi.com
How can I track my order?
Our Sales Associate can provide you on your order status simply. I need to contact to your Associate with an invoice number.
Where does DITOZZI DESIGN manufacture the rugs?
Our Buyers search the world to hand select new and exciting products to meet the needs of our clients. We are testing our product all the time with the finest producers in the world, in Europe and Asia. Often times our rugs exist one of a kind pieces and shown in our showroom.
Do you have a catalog?
We do not have catalogs. We are adding seasonal collection to our website to serve you better in reviewing our selection - please note, not all designs are shown on our website. Our showroom receives monthly shipments of new and exciting products, some of which are one of a kind and others available for ordering.
Do you show all designs on your website?
No. We display a lot more designs in our showroom than on our website.
You can contact to our Sales Associate and to tell us what kind of design are you looking for and we will try to offer an option, which will meet your satisfaction.
I saw something on a TV commercial or in a magazine and I canít find it on your website - how can I get more information about the rug?
A Sales Associate can provide you with more information. Please note the episode or magazine issue.
How should I care for the rugs I purchased?
You can find answers in the section Care & Installation information on our website
How I could find a carpet / rug cleaning service?
We recommend consulting with friends or family who have used carpet or rug cleaners in the past.
Do you provide an interior decorating service?
Yes, we do provide an Interior Decorating service. Feel free to share your questions with our Sales Associates and we would be happy to help you.
Do you provide a program for Designers, Architects & Contractors?
We have a Trade Program for professionals in the field. We offer special pricing on purchases for their projects and clients. For more information and how to register, visit our Trade Program page.
How can I find out more about employment opportunities with DITOZZI DESIGN?
Click on the following link, which will direct you to our Contact page.
Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?
You can purchase a Gift Certificate in our store at anytime or by contacting our Customer Service department by phone - Tel: (646) 490-7015 or email us your request.
Scheduling Your Delivery and Installation
When your rug is ready, we will contact you and make arrangements for the delivery and the installation of your rug. However, we will not be able to specify the exact time of day at which our delivery people and installers will start work. If you need to postpone an installation, please notify us as soon as possible, as we book appointments up to two weeks in advance.
Delivery and Installation Day
Before the installers arrive, remove as much furniture as possible from the work area, and all valuable and breakable objects. For proper installation and stretch of the rug your home temperature should be at 15-18 degrees C. Our installers try to be as careful as possible while bringing rolls of rugs through doorways and up stairs, but sometimes a rug roll can touch the walls or baseboards. Please keep some paint on hand, as a small touch-up might be required.
All stereo, computer and electronic equipment should be disconnected prior to installation. If our installers have lifted your old broadloom, they will gladly dispose of it for a nominal fee, or they will place it in your garage, yard or basement. Please advise your salesperson of your preference.
Incomplete Orders
If you are unable to take delivery due to construction, we are able to provide you with the names of storage companies whom you may contact.
Construction Delays
Please let us know if construction delays could change your prearranged delivery and installation date.
Pre-installation Check List
Remove all expensive and fragile objects on or in furniture.
Disconnect any audio or video equipment.
Remove or hang any window covering which may accidentally be soiled.
Empty floor area in all closets including long dresses.
Empty wall units, china cabinets, and bookcases.
Remove or protect any hanging lamps, low mounted lighting, or hanging plants.
Baseboards, stair spindles, and walls may scratch and should be protected. Touch-up may be required.
Remove any loose wiring to prevent damage.
Advise DITOZZI DESIGN as soon as possible if your home is equipped with radiant heating pipes.
Remove all mirrors or any ornaments hanging low on walls.
If chest freezers are to be moved, please empty contents one half hour prior to installation.
In order to prevent or minimize any damage while carrying rugs into your home, please provide installers with the best or easiest entry.
Please disconnect all security wires and wiring under your rugs.
Pool tables, pianos, large sectional wall units, fish tanks and computer equipment should be moved by the customer or by moving professionals.
It is your responsibility to complete the pre-installation list above. Please Note: If doors are to be cut please contact to your contractor as DITOZZI DESIGN is unable to do so.
Indoor Air Quality Consumer Information
It is important to note that various construction materials, surface finishes, interior furnishings, renovating and cleaning agents, play important roles in the quality of indoor air. We recommend ventilation of 8-72 hours when rugs/carpets and other interior renovation materials are installed.